Journal Entry: Day 33

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday I went working with my friend at cafes, since we are now allowed back to do so.
In the evening it was Chinese New Year’s Eve. I could hear and see some fireworks in the sky. But due to covid restriction, the usual festivities did not take place, and most of the family did not reunion like they used to do.
Nonetheless it still felt like holiday, a special event, you could see decorations on the houses, and stores. I got my Nian Gao and could celebrate my own way. I feel sad that some of my Chinese friend could not meet their family and had to stay alone.
Today I am going back hiking at the same place, and same friend. Hopefully it won’t rain this time and we will be able to do the whole path! Preparing my kit anti-leeches too! I will listen and hear if this side of the mountain is more quiet than the other (the one with the waterfall) but I doubt it would resonates with the sound of the nearby town.

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