Journal Entry: Day 32

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Now it’s been 1 month I stayed in Kampar. Due to MCO I was oblige to stay put here.
It’s also officially 11 months that I stayed in Malaysia. How time goes fast!
Yesterday they re-opened the option for dine-in in the restaurants and cafes. I was able to go have some great served food, and work at cafes. I really enjoy doing this. Being in a different environment change my mindset and help me stay focus. I witness it really show its efficacy for ‘parallel’ tasks, the tasks that do not belong to my main priorities but are important and need to be done. However I can easily become distracted too.
Today Morning is raining, this does not happen often in the morning usually. A good weather to stay home.
I will look on the possibilities to go Sri Lanka or Nepal. It looks they opened borders with conditions, but afterall this was my plan to go there almost one year ago when the pandemic started.

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