Journal Entry: Day 2 (last day in Subang Jaya)

Subang Jaya SS15, PJ, Selangor, Malaysia,

Today is a very hectic day.
Yesterday evening, the prime minister of Malaysia announced the MCO (strict lockdown in some part of the country), these will begin Tomorrow for 2 weeks but can be extended as long as needed. In wake of the surge in covid cases, mainly in urban areas,  they had to take this measure.
Since the announcement I was really worried and stressed about what I should do. My actual area, as nice as it is, will go full lockdown from midnight tonight. But some other areas (2 or 3 hours drive away) will be only partial lockdown. I therefore had this choice  to move to another area. I had to take a quick decision, it was really stressful as this came really fast. Bu hopefully I have the entire day today to decide on my fate.

After long hours of looking at various places, transport, bookings,.. .I just took the decision to move to Kampar, a student city in the state of Perak.  This city looks like a nice place to live, with probably more younger population, restaurants and coffee shops. There are great outdoors around there, with caves and ecological parks. I don’t know this area, even though it is very close to Ipoh, a city I visited in June/July.

I am now still in PJ, I just need to pack and leave. Hopefully the road will go smooth. This forces me to have a big move in a time I didn’t expect at all. Of course it impacts my work plans. But I will probably have plentiful of time a little later.

Also this pushes me out of my comfort zone which is stressful but will make me stronger I believe.
Let’s see how it goes.
In the upcoming days, I will have to scout this new place. More time wasted, but at least not full lockdown!

Before leaving PJ, I took some time to record some ambience at my favorite places. Not a lot, but good memories. I already recorded a lot from my window at the six floor, and at various time of the day.

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