Journal Entry: Day 250

(Nomad: Day 1433),
Lewa, Kenya,

Yesterday was an intense day, with the recording of elephants in the morning, the afternoon, and in the evening. I also recorded ambiences around the Reteti sanctuary and Reteti house where I was staying. The hosts and people there were all so friendly and gentle. Reteti house is a new accommodation that just opened and is absolutely gorgeous, it is only 15 minutes walk to the Elephant rescue center. The people working are hugely devoted to their work. They have a lot of Elephants that they take care of. It is quite remarkable. The weather here in this area is very hot and arid, and still, it stays hot at night. And the sun is very harsh during the day. The local inhabitants, the Samburu are very close to the Masai, and they have a fascinating culture. It was a fascinating trip I made to this area.
I lost one pair of Clippy microphones, indeed while recording from a tree nearby at Reteti, the baboon found them and decapitated them. Hopefully, I still have another backup pair of Clippy. I also was lucky to spot a leopard in the bush during the daytime, just a few steps from the house.
Today I arrived around Lewa, they have a lot of farmland outside the conservancies. I will have some rest at a farm-stay there. Tomorrow I haven’t planned exactly where I go, I was thinking about exploring Aberdares National Park.

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