Journal Entry: Day 249

(Nomad: Day 1432),
Namunyak conservancy, Kenya,

So I finally made it to this remote area.
Yesterday I stayed in the forest of Mount Kenya. It was very refreshing, with dense humid forests, all along the way were tea plantations.
I started to rent this 4×4 Monday, it is a tank. It is huge, high, long, and wide. After a few minutes of running it Monday, I noticed there was no ventilation inside. Really absolute no air, and it started to get hot. So I thought there was something wrong that could be fixed, hence I brought it to the mechanic shop. The owner kept saying by the message that this would take days to repair. I was a lot angry against this owner that did not notice me about this flaw beforehand. At the mechanics, they were able to fix the ventilation in just 10 minutes, and then they say they could even fix the ac by adding ac air, but this would need to call someone else to bring it. So I decided to try to fix AC too, hence I waited for this guy, it took few hours before it was able to come, then he brought me to his store, and took another hour. In the end, he did not fix anything, but still charged me a lot of money. In any way, I will make the owner pay for his mistake.
Hopefully Monday, I arrived before dark at the camp on the foothill of Mt. Kenya. Yesterday was a lot tiring, I did a long and not easy road up to Reteti. There were many obstacles on the road, constructions, police check, bumps,… the last 20km was on a dirt road, very shaky. Again I arrived in time by chance. not too dark, but already the night was beginning.
This morning I was able to record some elephants’ babies. The place around here is beautiful, away from civilization and all the noises, nature is rich even though it is hot and arid. This afternoon I will record more of the place, the surroundings, and more of the elephants.

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