Journal Entry: Day 251

(Nomad: Day 1434),
Aberdares National Park, Kenya,

Yesterday I stayed nearby Lewa on the Laikipia plateau, in a farm-stay. I was close to trees that have residents’ birds, and also visitor birds. The sound was really crisp from this place. I was able to spot Rhino from far in the conservancy. Other than birds, I did not get too many sounds at this place, but it was an interesting stop on my way to the south; also the host Lydia was very friendly and welcoming, she made my visit and explain all her farm.
After searching where I could stay for the night, I decided to go directly to the Ark without booking. I had spotted this really peculiar stay, it is situated inside the park, just next to a water hole where many animals come night and day. I was just worried there would be too much noise from tourists there. The process to get there is a little complicated but hopefully, I had read about it before. I had to register in another hotel, 10km outside the park, then go to the park HQ to buy an entry pass permit, and only after I could access the place. What is great is that I am allowed to drive by myself in my own vehicle inside the park. Here there is plentiful of animals, and to my surprise, there were no visitors at all. I was the only one there. At the Ark, there is probably a capacity of 50 or more people, but I had the whole place for myself. In fact, I did not plan that, but I was very lucky, on that particular day, there was only me! Hence it was very quiet, and I could record very interesting sounds. The animals come very close, and it is possible from here to observe, hide and listen. The spectacle of Nature is delivered in plain sight just in front of me! I believe I recorded some of the most beautiful ambiences I ever recorded for the last 5 years! Several families of Elephants wander around, along with buffaloes, hyenas, birds, warthogs, impalas,…
It is just an incredible place to be. The bird morning chorus is also very rich, and majestic. I am very happy I decided to come there. Today I am going back to Nairobi for 2 days, before heading to Masai Mara.

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