Journal Entry: Day 248

(Nomad: Day 1430),
Nairobi, Kenya,

The two last days, I was able to go two times to the Karura forest because my accommodation was close enough.
Today is my last day in Nairobi. I am going to explore the country for 1 week, doing a road trip. The latest days I did prepare for this move. I had communicated with partners and planned the steps. This morning I am getting the 4×4 that will help me explore the inland. I am not sure exactly the trajectory, but I know I will go up to the Nalowuon conservancy.
I am a little worried and excited at the same time, it is my first-time solo road trip in real Africa. My first step will be at the foothill of famous Mt Kenya. There are rich dense forests at this area and I would like to record them.

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