Journal Entry: Day 247

(Nomad: Day 1428),
Nairobi, Kenya,

Yesterday I moved to a new place in Nairobi, a little cottage quieter than the previous apartment. Here I can hear birds and sleep quietly. I will stay just 3 days then I will road trip for one week with a 4×4 in the countryside of Kenya.
The other day, I tried a local food stall, eating local and cheap chapati and beans; it was very good but then after I felt really bad and was sick. I have to be more cautious about what I eat.
I will start to get new sound libraries out and release them in the near future. It has been a long time I have not released new ones.
My MS setup is finally complete, using the recently arrived Ambient Emeser ate 308 along with the Sennheiser mkh8060. Though I had to do new soldering with my cables to make it works. It was quite a journey to find a soldering iron in Nairobi. Now I am all set, ready to record my subject.

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