Journal Entry: Day 246

(Nomad: Day 1425),
Nairobi, Kenya,

It has been a long time I have not written an entry in my journal.
I have been working as usual in Nairobi the same as the latest 4 weeks.

I also went exploring a little of the area near Nairobi National Park. I spent one night in a room facing the National park, this was a very interesting place that allowed me to record some ambience.
I also went with a Masai guide on a small walk. Furthermore, I visited a glass art workshop and gallery, they make beautiful glass arts, and I was trying to record the glassblower sound.

In other news, I finally received the microphone I have been waiting for for almost 4 months. I ordered it in November when I was staying in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, I never received it on time since it was stuck in customs for so long! I had to leave the Canary Islands, so I had to reroute it many times, and pay customs and shipping 2 or 3 times. But Yesterday I was happy as I finally received it. It is the Ambient Emesser 308 meant to be used with my MKH8060 to be able to record MS, not a big deal, but it was very difficult to get it shipped to me.

I had time to write a new blog post about my exploration of the Gua Tempurung cave in Malaysia back in Feb 2021.

I also did an audio format of this blog and an audiogram that I posted on social media and Youtube:
I am trying this new kind of format, I am not sure about this, but if it works fine, I might do more of these.

In the next few days, I will prepare myself for the trip I’ll do in the North up to Reteti. I will pass by Mount Kenya, and I will also probably visit the gate’s hell park (not sure yet).
I also booked my trip to Masai Mara, which is more expensive than what I would have expected, but I am sure is it worth it.
Then I will move to South Africa beginning of March.

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