Journal Entry: Day 243

(Nomad: Day 1413),
Nairobi, Kenya,

The days pass by in Nairobi, and I am learning more about Kenya and East Africa every day. I am tracing my itinerary a little better, but also taking the time to work on the sounds while taking care of my health at the same time.
Yesterday I went to the Nairobi Safari Walk, it is a nice walk on a raised wooden boardwalk at the border of the Nairobi National Park, hence from the walk, you can see animals. It is very family-friendly, thus there is a lot of signage explaining the animals and Nature. I like these signs since I can learn more, it is a good introduction to the local wildlife. But of course, I did not go there for sound recording, as it is a noisy place, the city is too close and you can hear traffic very loud. I have to say Nairobi has also some extremely great food options, all kinds, international, fusion, Indian African… I think it might be a paradise for any foodie freak person. I still have two full weeks ahead of me in Nairobi, I am planning to work even more focused, but also have a visit to the nearby National Park.

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