Journal Entry: Day 242

(Nomad: Day 1411),
Nairobi, Kenya,

4 or 5 days have passed since the last time I wrote an entry in my journal. In fact, not much happened. There has been a warning from embassies and the Kenyan government about an attacking threat. In fact, for a few decades regularly happen armed attacks in Nairobi or around the country, many targeting places that are frequented by westerners. It is kind of scary but in reality, I do believe I am safer in Kenya than for example USA.
Since the warning, no attack happened yet.
I was a little scared and until Yesterday I avoided crowded places like markets, malls, restaurants, cafes, co-working spaces.

Yesterday, I finally went to the museum, to learn a little more about Kenya.
I am planning my trip to Northern Kenya (and probably other parts of Kenya…), and I am in contact with an Elephant sanctuary where I believe I would be able to record very interesting sounds
I am still struggling to get my microphone that arrived in the Canaries after I left. I found a carrier company to send from Canary island to Kenya, but it sounds expensive and may be risky. I will try it anyway.
Since I arrived in Nairobi, I go every day to the gym in my building, and do a lot of treadmills, even though I am not the fastest, it keeps me in shape and healthy.
Unfortunately these last few days, I fell into the trap of spending too much time on social media. It is really addictive like a drug, I surely need to do something about it; otherwise, I am wasting too much of my time.

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