Journal Entry: Day 241

(Nomad: Day 1406),
Nairobi, Kenya,

Yesterday I visited the Karura forest. It is situated almost in the middle of the city.
I was not expecting so much about it. But after walking one hour inside this place the sound of the city started to disappear, and I could spot much wildlife. Going early was great to avoid other visitors and thus this allowed me to record some beautiful active birds in the morning. The whole area is wide and covers 1,041 ha (2,570 acres), a real sanctuary of peace and nature. For me, it was a well-received break from the bustling city in which I already stayed for 10 days.
From what I understand, this forest has been saved from greedy urban developers, and it also was transformed from a dangerous place to a wonderful conservation site.
Meanwhile, I am enjoying my life in Nairobi, there are some really developed structures and facilities. I have access to incredibly good real Indian food, I get to know more about it and also about African food.
I am researching new sound libraries projects, but also doing backup, maintenance, editing, identification, organization of the sounds. A lot is going on.

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