Journal Entry: Day 240

(Nomad: Day 1403),
Nairobi, Kenya,

It is now my eighth day in Nairobi and in Kenya. I have to say I am well treated here. Food and accommodation options are really good. It’s actually one of the best places I have been to for food, there are so many choices and the quality is generally excellent. There are many modern buildings, shops, cafes, and shopping malls.
However, there is a striking polarity between wealth and poverty. In the street, poverty is not hidden. Just walking a few meters and you can see so many beggars, disabled people asking for food or money, children walking after for something. This spark difference between private rich modern space and poor public space is a little discomforting, but I am starting to get used to it.
In the same fashion, there are so many security procedures all over. Each time I want to enter anywhere, there are guards, and checkpoints for every single space. In fact, there has been in the past some terrorist attacks at various location in Nairobi. The city is also known for being dangerous because of pickpockets. Even though I have not encountered or experienced any problem or any malicious person, I am still a little worried when walking out in the dark. But most people are very well educated, friendly, and not aggressive.

3 days ago, I have registered as a member in a co-working space near my apartment, this is a great space with a nice view over the city. I have access 24/7 and thus it makes it ideal for my office space as it is quiet and I can focus on work more easily.

I am also planning my itinerary more in detail, I will most probably visit the North of Kenya afterward as it is less crowded by tourists, more authentic and plentiful of Nature and Wildlife.
Tomorrow I will go to the Karura forest, just steps away from my place, so I can take some fresh air and experience the urban nature. I still have at least 3 weeks ahead of me at the same place. I really like the weather, it is ideal, in fact, there isn’t any need for AC or heating anywhere in this city.

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