Journal Entry: Day 239

(Nomad: Day 1399),
Nairobi, Kenya,

I continued my exploration and discovery of the Nairobi metropolis. I found similarities with Kuala Lumpur. There are several ways the city developed and has a similar influence. They are both young cities, with a lot of traffic, they have many commercial complexes and business centers. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, co-working, all at a fair price. The Indian influence can be felt similarly in Kenya as in Malaysia.
Yesterday I walked by the National Museum but didn’t visit the inside yet. Instead, I walked by the Nairobi river, they have a small park there, it is a little hidden, but very green in the middle of the busy city. I then explored a little of the downtown and went up to the roof of the international convention center, this used to be the highest tower for decades, the view on the top, on the 32nd floor is nice. On my way back I took a taxi, but Nairobi has a traffic problem; it was so congested, it took almost 1h for what should have been 15 min.
I finally found a cd player, so I can listen to the audio cd I bought at the bookstore, they are sounds from the animals of Africa, so I can familiarize myself with these sounds.
Overall for now I really like the energy and creativity of this city. People are very business-oriented, but also very kind and nice. I booked my place for one month as I can get a better rate for this duration instead of weeks duration. I still have to figure out my upcoming trajectory. I am also trying co-working spaces here, it seems very practical especially if I want a quiet working space on evenings or weekends.

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