Journal Entry: Day 24

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday I eventually wrote down the master plan for February.
But then I fell down the trap of doing the easy stuff first, then I had no motivation for doing the real thing big thing I have to do.
I have to correct this automatism I have which does not serve me well.
I decided to go back to the source of my recording frenzy and sound exploration, I’ll probably bond back with the primary motivation and aspiration I had at that time, more than 5 years ago, when I read the Great Animal Orchestra book by Bernie Krause.
The lockdown (MCO) has been in effect for 12 days now, and I start to feel the weight of not being able to eat out, go to gym, or move further away. However I am so glad I chose this place here in the countryside with beautiful landscape, and nature all around me. The cement of the city would have grey my soul much faster.
In the morning I open the windows of all side of the room and I can listen to the birds in 360, it feels so invigorating.
Today, Let’s check the marks of the matrix

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