Journal Entry: Day 25

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday my friend came to work with me, it was interesting to try this. The dynamic of work is different and it makes a change of working all by myself, even though we don’t work on the same thing.
I started to Malay classes on a new interface I had not used previously, Italki. I had private tutor sessions and I think this is one of the best way to learn this language.
I also have been working on the journey mapping. I feel now I am wasting some time watching too much online courses. I am learning but nees to apply the learning better.
Also the updates of all the Articulated libraries are on the way.
I am still wondering if I will be able to travel more and where. I found that there might be a probability I could be able to go Sarawak, but not until MCO has ended. I still have time to think about it. There are at least 2 more weeks…

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