Journal Entry: Day 23

Kampar, Perak Malaysia,

Yesterday I tried to stay studious,
I improved my time management, reformulated my value statement and the cause I want to support. Refreshing my vision on a 5 year scale.
I did a new matrix for my daily time schedule, better refined. End of a month, beginning of a new month, it is the right time to reevaluate the plans, goals, tasks, and priorities.
This morning I was reading some posts about travel, and people wondering when they will be able to travel like before. It seems right now it is very difficult, and it will all depends on the vaccine. A chart pointed on the time scale showing when countries will have a 60% vaccinated rate, some countries will achieve this only in 2025 or after, while some others will have that in Q4 of 2021 (Singapore, Hong Kong,…) . I am not sure of the details, but this is how it goes for travel in these times. This reminds me how lucky I am to be already here in Malaysia while no foreign tourist is allowed to enter.
I only wish they could open the East part on Borneo for foreigners like me.

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