Journal Entry: Day 238

(Nomad: Day 1397),
Nairobi, Kenya,

I arrived in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. This is where I am planning to stay for the few next weeks and most probably one entire month.
Unfortunately, I initially chose an apartment that is not the best, as it faces a nightclub, and it is so noisy until 3 or 4 am. I found out this flaw Yesterday evening although the two first nights were fine. I have to move again, and probably it is not the latest place I am going to move to, since I am not sure what I will find there. Also, I found prices for accommodations higher than what I expected, but this particular neighborhood is quite popular, filled with restaurants and cafes. It is a nice area to stay in for a while; it will allow me to plan my journey throughout Kenya and East Africa. I still don’t know exactly where I am heading to and how, but I want to avoid crowds of tourists and at the same time find interesting and biodiverse natural sites. Hopefully, there is much information documenting Kenya and East Africa for visitors; it is easy to draw a preliminary map of my itinerary. Until the rain season in March, I will probably stay in Kenya the most as I do not have so much time to extensively explore other countries (maybe Uganda).
I am happy to be here, people are very friendly, and I like the entrepreneurial feel of Kenyans, most of the people are well educated and welcoming.
Kenya is full of animals and beautiful landscapes, and I am eager to explore this area. Nairobi, like most big cities, has many opportunities, great dining options, it is also one of the most modern cities in Africa, known as the economic powerhouse of East and Central Africa. People all over Africa come here to thrive and get jobs. It is obviously a busy city, and the traffic is terrible. Hopefully, I do not plan to move too much, however, I found a way to beat the traffic by using motorbike taxis. One interesting surprise I found in Kenya, is the influence of Indians on Kenya’s culture. In fact, many Indians immigrated during the British colonial times. Hence you can find Indian meals included in the country’s everyday dishes, like Biryani, dosa, and many more. I learned some basic words of the local language, Swahili. It is a very interesting language as it is spoken by about 100 million people throughout East Africa. It originated by mixing various dialects from Africa, Asia, and Europe. And it is one of the only African languages that is officially represented on the international scene.
I hope I can get in a productive stage and it seems it is possible here. The weather is also just ideal, not too warm, and not too cold, it reminds me of Canary islands weather.

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