Journal Entry: Day 233

(Nomad: Day 1384),
Cairo, Egypt,

I arrived in Cairo 2 days ago, I spent the first night just in front of the pyramid. There are many hotels and guest houses in the part of the city of Giza (Cairo metro area) just near the Pyramid complex. This part of the city is not nice at all, it is trashy and smelly. But people come here for the pyramid, and it is so famous they do not bother about the condition of the area. Unfortunately, I arrived after sunset, due to recurrent flight delays (very common in Egypt). So it was pitch dark, however, I was able to see the light and sound show they hold every evening. Moreover, I was able to go early morning to the pyramid site, and it was very nice to be there as it was very peaceful at these early times.
I was quite surprised to see many birds on the site, and so many dogs too. It is a very wide empty open space, so there is not much noise there apart from the few horse carriage and camel riders. The city rumble can be heard from this distance. The sunlight hitting the pyramid along with the haze made the scenery quite mystical. I liked to walk around the complex and see the structures from different perspectives.
Even though there were some annoying sellers at the entrance when got out, it was not that bad.

Then after the pyramid episode, I moved to my new place in the Cairo Maadi area, this will be my home for the next 10 days. It is a very interesting area with many restaurants, cafes, and international flavors. In fact, it is a popular neighborhood for ex-pats.
Cairo is one of the biggest cities in the world, it is also in a developing country. It is a noisy, bustling place. It can feel quite trashy too, as there is much garbage, and it is somewhat dirty all over, more than what I thought actually. However, it feels more secure than in many places. Being in a non-touristic area is a kind of rest for me now. As I blend way better with the local scene, I can experience what it is to live locally without being stopped every meter by people trying to get my ‘tourist money’.
Furthermore, I found out that I can somewhat look like an Egyptian, this makes it easier for me to go around my business. I am now getting a parcel ready to ship out to USA, someone was interested to get the master HDD of Articulated, so I had to work on finding all that was necessary to make that happen. Hopefully, there are many services available in Cairo. I have more work to take care of for the next upcoming days, I am happy to have access to all the infrastructures to make that happen. I am also planning the following steps in East Africa.

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