Journal Entry: Day 232

(Nomad: Day 1382),
Luxor, Egypt,

Some days have passed in Luxor, the capital of ancient Egypt. I visited some obvious infamous places, very touristic but must-sees in Luxor.
I could record very interesting ambiences from the West bank where I stay now. As I have access to 2 rooftops, I can capture the very broad soundscape of the city mixed with lush countryside features, like birds, donkeys, cows. Speaking of animals, I successfully was able to record a crocodile! It’s the first time in my life I can hear a crocodile sound with my own ear and record it. Indeed there was a small zoo near Banana Island, unfortunately in captivity. I do not support this kind of small cage captivity for animals, but it made for me an excellent opportunity to get close to the animal, which would be almost impossible in the wild ( if any wild are left around here). The guy there was kind enough to open the cage and bring the mic inside and get close captures, they knew how to behave to make it do the sound, which is somewhat similar to what a snake can do. The day after I went recording some hot air balloons; I was supposed to get inside, but weather conditions did not let us fly, but I could record the flame as they were attached to the ground, inflating the balloons, they were so many balloons and many people, in fact, it is the touristic season. The sounds I got were not very clear and focused on the flame, but they are still interesting sounds.
This morning I want to focus on some work tasks I really need to do. Then I will fly to Cairo, my plane is already announced delayed, no surprise, as here in Egypt everything takes time, everything is delayed, it is good to put patience in practice. Speaking of time, I got enough time to start learning some Arabic phrases, this language is very difficult, but what’s good is that the Egyptian dialect is the most widely understood among the Arab world.

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