Journal Entry: Day 234

(Nomad: Day 1386),
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt,

I am now installed in Cairo, in the neighborhood of Maadi.
Here I can finally try to leave as a local since nobody bothers me selling their tourist’s shit. I have to say this area is quite interesting, it is lively with many restaurants and cafes and an international flavor. It is also known as one of the greenest neighborhoods of Cairo, and it is true, there are many trees growing above the streets. I would have thought this neighborhood is cleaner, but the reality is that everywhere in Cairo is dirty, there is a cover of dust particles at every corner, along with many trashes here and there. A lot of the buildings and roads are semi-crumbling. The smells and the sounds add even more to the chaotic scene. Indeed Cairo is not for the faint heart. It has been evaluated as one of the most polluted cities if not, the most polluted city in the world; And it clearly shows! In fact, there is a constant smog in the air, some kind of thick haze which is obviously not healthy. I was looking to do some exercise, running outdoor, it proved to be a real challenge. Between the hectic traffic, the absence of streetwalk, the non-existence of green squares or parks, the errant dogs, the random garbage patches lying on the ground, along with seldom mud patches, broken asphalt, and the strong smell of exhausts entering my noise.
I tried to follow indications for roads that were good to take for jogging, but frankly, it all looks like a war zone in this city. Luckily there are some trees in this area. On the contrary to the outside, the inside of places can be nice and clean, For example, in my accommodation, I have a huge room, and have a lot of space. It’s not the cleanest but it still is an isle of tranquility.
This morning I walked by the Nile near my place, it’s a busy area with a big road and many cars passing by. On the side of the street, I found a small puppy, he seemed to be lost, so I bought him a Yogurt and gave him some water. I don’t know what to do more. I hope he will go well. As it is a busy area I have no doubt that someone else will find him too.
I am now preparing for my trip to Kenya, I am still unsure of the exact development of this trip, it is difficult to find information. For example about land borders between countries, and what are the conditions to cross. I am looking to explore a little more of Cairo in the coming days but also have some focus work sessions.

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