Journal Entry: Day 231

(Nomad: Day 1379),
Luxor, Egypt,

So I arrived in Luxor after a long travel time from Dahab, I already spent New Year’s Eve.
I really appreciate being able to see with my own eyes all the remains of the great civilization that was ancient Egypt. I am astonished to see the carving details, work creativity, and precision in all forms of arts I see, knowing that they are 4000 or 3000 years old. It is really impressive. Furthermore, all the stories about pharaohs, myths, and gods make it extremely fascinating. They have a sound & light show at night in the Karnak temple, and this is where I was for New Year’s Eve. I also visited the Luxor museum and Luxor temple. There is a lot of archeological sites to see in this city since it was the capital city of ancient Egypt. The city itself nowadays is centered around tourism, I explored and recorded some streets of the actual town, and also a market. The train horn can be heard loudly nearby the town.
I am now on the West bank of the Nile, this part of the city is way less urbanized; There are crop fields, and greeneries, it feels more like a small town in the countryside. There are however a lot of small hotels and guest houses since the West bank is where all the tombs are and there are so many to visit. And this is what I will do tomorrow. I am also planning to try to record crocodiles if they do any sound at all. In this area, there are a lot of donkeys and cows I could record too, but also many more birds than anywhere I have been in Egypt yet. Ambiences are quite rich here.

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