Journal Entry: Day 22

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday was somewhat a ‘lazy’ day. This seems obvious as it was Sunday. I did learn and exercise on ‘brand’ and strategy, I liked some approach about archetypes and character, to define the personality of a brand. Very interesting. I will apply that for Articulated and make it consistent throughout the various communications. I also learned about a new genre of urban farming: vertical farms, probably the future a human sustainability in cities.
In the afternoon I went explore a little of the lakes area, and as it was Sunday, I could record quiet sound of the countryside, with large open space. I found those kind of ambiences are the best to lay a background bed of a scene, as all sound sources are from a distance and very spaced.
I am starting to feel anchored to Kampar, the place I am situated now. As I was thinking about train connectivity, Kampar is only 2h away from KL, and not far either from Penang, all by train; This would make it a perfect base to explore more, that after the current lockdown (MCO).
Today, I’ll do achieve more, beginning the day with motivational inspiration. I have a lot on my plate.

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