Journal Entry: Day 220

La Aldea de San Nicolas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands,

Yesterday I was on a quest to find the quietest place I could on this island. This is not an easy task on an island with almost 1 million inhabitants, a big city, and many villages. I decided to go West near the Inagua area, as it is one of the biggest areas on the island without any human settlement. To some extend I really found some interesting places. Not the quietest I have been to, but quiet enough to feel immersed in a natural soundscape. By car I drove almost 2 hours, then I hiked for 3 hours to find a quiet valley. The hike was on the side of the cliff, and it was very steep and quite scary at times. I think there might be more places like that but I do not have the time to search more. It was quite interesting and tiring, when I came down the mountain it was dark already, and I decided to stay in the town of La Aldea. It was a nice decision, I had some good rest. Today I am going to visit the seaside and port of La Aldea, and then I will be heading for the South of the island where there might be a lot more tourists.

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