Journal Entry: Day 221

Las lagunetas, Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

The last two days I visited the South of the Island. I have to say the landscape is very dry and arid. Also, the development is focused on mass tourism, there is no charm to it. The good thing is that the temperature is quite comfortable. There was a lot of wind yesterday and the day before, I could record interesting wangling stuff in the city, and when I came back to my little room in the mountain there was a storm, wind, and rain, it felt quite apocalyptic but very interesting. Yesterday I tried to record some animals at a rescue center in the South, I probably had a few interesting sounds but it will need a lot of editing, as there was wind, people around, and music in the background. I also finally got one of my package (a contact mic which I would have liked to use 2 weeks ago), and there is another I am trying to reroute so I can receive it in Tenerife, and another one I think I will never receive it as the courier company is impossible to contact. All in all, I highly do not recommend trying to ship or receive anything from Canary island, even though it is in the EU, it has been one of the worse experiences I had with this kind of thing.
Today, I am leaving Gran Canaria taking the boat from Agaete in the direction of Tenerife. I will meet my parents who are coming from France, for a 1-week visit. I am happy we could organize this, as we don’t often see each other lately. It reminds me of family trips we might have done in the past, more than 20 years ago.

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