Journal Entry: Day 219

Las lagunetas, Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

Yesterday I went on a road trip through 4 villages up North, Valleseco, Tenor, Firgas, and Artrenara. I also went to Barranco de Azuaje. It was a lot of car road winding around the mountains but the scenery was worth it. Although sound-wise there was a lot of noise from traffic even when I was in more remote places. I managed though to find some lovely soundscapes with sheep herds. One of my main targets of this trip was to access the watermill of Firgas, however, this one was not accessible when I arrived, what a shame, it seems it was open in the morning but no more information was available.
Today I am planning to go on a hike in more remote and quiet spaces if possible. I am not sure this kind of place exists on this island. This is probably too populous in here. Moreover, I won’t ask anybody as from my past experience I learned that the notion of ‘quiet’ is very subjective and can lead to total disaster for my recordings. For example, I asked the hosts here before coming if the surroundings are quiet, exempt of traffic car, engine, or any human noise; their answer was that it is the perfect place and I will find exactly what I am looking for; however, the reality is that there are 4 roads encircling the valley all around, with constant traffic noise even at night, and so many dogs barking every 10 seconds. Their notion of quiet is very far from my own notion of quiet. I wish I could create or find a map that shows the real quiet zones, it would make my research easier.

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