Journal Entry: Day 21

Kampar, Perak, Malaysia,

Yesterday was Saturday and one week after I began my work matrix, thus it was more a slow day. I eventually did not go hiking, but will do during the week when there are less people. |
One week after I began the matrix, I can assess the patterns. What I would need to tweak:
I have spent many times lately on the business side, and hence I was able a to maintain some kind of sustainability. I still have to improve on business but at the same time I left aside many of the creative side. And this is what have to correct in the upcoming weeks. There are 4 points to focus on:

  • It is obvious that I have to create more contents, be it audio, videos, images, or text. I do not spend enough time on the creative part which has always been my primary power. So from now on I will harness back creativity. This is what I like to do and where I can shine and feel happier. I just have to be careful about my time management. I know I can easily be trapped in time and spend all day on a creative work, and then everything else do not exist anymore. This is dangerous; so I will monitor carefully all of that.
  • In the meantime I will assess all the previous work better. Arrange and clean the past so I can have a free mind.
  • Another point, related, is that I have to be curious again about sound. This sadly had happened that I left aside the creativity and my passion about sound to focus better on business and managing my life. Now I will bring that back. I will learn and share my learning. I will be curious again about any aspects of sound on a broad scale.
  • Lastly, going hand in hand with the previous point, I will participate more on the discussions in social media.

Yesterday I got back my recorder from the place near the river where it recorded all night. I quickly listened back, and some moments during the night are marvellous, but the sunrise and day time are incredibly noisy, I can here the traffic. It was at least 2 km away from the road but really not enough for this flat land. I don’t see on the map other places that could be more quiet in this area, apart the mountains. So I probably try the mountains again. I also extended my stay for 2 more weeks, so I will have some time to do this.
Today Sunday looks like a beautiful days. I don’t have specific plan, just follow my matrix, and include these observed points.

Claypot Chicken Rice

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