Journal Entry: Day 217

Las lagunetas, Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

Here is my second day in the middle of the mountainous countryside of the island of Gran Canaria. It is quite cold up here compared to the coastline. Also, there are lots of fogs and sometimes drizzles, I did not expect that much mist.
Yesterday I tried for the first shooting with guns, they have here in the vineyard a shooting range with different kinds of arms, they have handgun, pistol, rifle, and I tried them all, and recorded them, this was fun, however, they do not use real bullets, these are only for training. The sound though is quite interesting, with loadings and triggers.
I then went to San Mateo town where they had the weekend market, however, this was very difficult to find an area without music. The town itself is pretty with some shops and many people walking around on Sunday.
Today is an official holiday in Spain (and Wednesday too), so there might be more tourists during this period, something I forgot to check when planning this exploration trip.
I am scouting the maps where I can find interesting places without the noise of traffic. The south of the island is drier so there might be less fauna. While the north is more green, there are more villages, activities, and agriculture.
I am not sure what I am going to do as the weather is quite dark with lots of clouds, I will probably visit Tejeda, another nearby town. I also have to figure out an issue I got with my custom kit that had some weird frequency sweeps, and see what is causing them and how to fix them.

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