Journal Entry: Day 216

Las lagunetas, Canary Island,

Yesterday I left the co-living house in Las Palmas, and I got the car I am renting for 1 week. I will be exploring the island this week.
I arrived at my new room in the middle of the country up into the hills. Here is a farm, my room is on the top of the house with a beautiful view of the mountain. The road to access the place is very narrow and winding. In fact, all roads inland are very curvy going up and down.
I was a little stressed to go drive a car again after 2 years without driving (even if I drove motorcycles), but I found my reflex back almost instantly. It’s very practical to be able to go to any place by myself. When I was in Asia a few months ago, I was driving motorcycles and I can clearly feel the differences. Mainly, cars are more cumbersome and it is quite hard to maneuver especially on such small country roads, furthermore, it is almost impossible to stop anywhere, even few seconds to contemplate the scenery because the car is obstructing the road anytime anyplace; whereas with a bike, it is very easy to just stop on the side. The advantages however are real, for example, I can transport more stuff, but also I am protected from the outside elements like rain or wind.
This morning I went to the highest point on the island: Pico de las Nieves, it was a little cold and very windy. From there the panorama is great and I was able to see Tenerife, the other island on the Westside. Apart from wind, there was not much sound to record.
Today I will try the shooting range at the farm, they have a few different guns, rifles, and pistols; And I will record them, we will see how it goes.
The soundscape around here is quiet, but you can still hear a little traffic from the other side of the valley, also there is one dog nearby that is quite noisy during the day but also at night. There also are some interesting animals around that I might try to record in the next week.
Later I will go to the town of San Mateo nearby, see the weekend market if it’s still open.
The sky is always changing here, and it is kind of unpredictable. I will plan accordingly day by day.

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