Journal Entry: Day 213

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

For a few days now, the atmosphere changed a little, it is a little bit colder in the air, it has rained quite a few times, and the sun does not show up often. On another scale, there has been this new variant ‘Omnicron’ reported, and travel bans with African countries put in place. Yesterday was reported a burglar broke into one of the co-living houses (not our) and robbed some items. All in all, this makes the ambiance less fun.
I am still not sure if I will be able to achieve my travel plan in Africa, I will see in the coming days or weeks how the situation evolve.
Yesterday I was able to draw a new master plan for all the current projects of sound libraries. I have so many different endeavors that it is easy to lose focus (and this is what happened for the last few months). I am now reassured and know where to put my effort.
From the last few days, being more productive at work, I realized one important appointment I should do on a regular basis, that really helped me: a meeting with myself. I realized I can decipher and get into a very productive mindset when talking to myself. This is a little strange as one can think it is a little crazy but it actually works well in my case. Since my business is so special and intricate at the same time, it is true that almost only I can understand fully it all. And since I have been lacking a coach or did not find any right one for the past years, I believe it is due to the fact that I need to be more organized with my whole self at first, then it will be natural and helpful to get a coach for particular aspects, not the whole picture.
I still have a few more days here in our co-living at casa Mozart.

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