Journal Entry: Day 212

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

Today I have 1 week left at this same place, in the capital city of the Canary island. I feel time flew by really fast. I am truly wishing to take the opportunity of having ideal working conditions so that I can get some noticeable progress in my work. I am still waiting for overseas orders to be shipped and I am starting to worry that they won’t arrive here. Among these products, are expensive microphones that are supposed to be delivered. Let see how it goes.
I have been busy with black Friday, launching the promotion, this has taken the form of a game with hidden discount icons on the website. It is a very interesting way to bring a deal to life, but it demands some work.
Also, I had to debug other functionalities on the website, all in all, having my own boutique online is a lot of work to put into.
Here it has been raining for a few days, hence it got a bit cold, and I got wet. The electricity was not working in my room due to the rain, they also are still doing some work in the street leading to water cuts at times. But nothing too bad. I am a little worried about the new covid variant they found in Africa, I am not sure if it will impact my plans for the upcoming months as I am planning to spend 6 months on this continent.

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