Journal Entry: Day 214

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island,

Yesterday was some kind of more relaxed day, the sun was finally back, I decided to explore a little more of the neighborhood of Triana and Vegeta, and learned more about the history of the Canaries from the Colon house and the Canario museum. I have to say it is pretty sad as all the original people from here did actually die, so they have only remains and skeletons. The Casa de Colon shows part of the history with the influence of Cristopher Colombus as he went to the Canaries before his journey to America, and therefore Canaries island became kind of a ‘port of call’ of the America’s colonization. This is not the best story to hear in my opinion, but it is part of the past.

I got a little worried later on as I learned that another co-living got robbed. This is the second co-living house in a few days. Hopefully, I think our house is more secure than the others. In the meantime I am living Saturday, I still have 3 days ahead of me. It has been fast.
I also managed to finally de-bug the download process on the website. I am still waiting for some shipping packages to arrive, I think the way customs function here is terrible. It has been 2/3 weeks that they are stuck. It is probably faster to ship in India or any country, if only I had known.
Today I have more work and files to upload because I am trying a new server and I still have a huge load of tasks from the backlog projects.

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