Journal Entry: Day 1

Subang Jaya SS15, Selangor, Malaysia,

Today is the first day of a new era!
After 3 years travelling non stop around the world, I decided to start to write my journal. This is a personal journal where I will be able to put my personal thoughts instead of them to vanish away in the wild. Today is also the first day where I decided to restore a healthy daily routine/habit and take my life in my hands once again.

Through the last 10 months I have been distracted way too much by the news and spent way too much time on social media, trying to scroll through in order to find the latest news, the latest rules, scandal, breakthrough,…This is enough!
Today I don’t belong anymore to the ‘wait & see’ movement.
I no longer put my hope into external elements.
I AM HOPE! I am the one that can make my day a positive and constructive time through my own action.
From now on, No external forces will be able to disturb me and take away my happiness and my productivity! Part of my new daily routine is to wake up early, do some yoga moves with yoga music, and smile! I also decided to put away all external inputs (news, social media,….) during my morning routine, and instead to ‘create’ something (write, draw, record…). So this can be said like this: OUTPUT instead of INPUT!!!
I also found out that I need to keep track of my experience. Which is actually not the case. I am starting to forget what happened in the past and can’t remember my thoughts. I need this journal so much!
I know I tried in the past to start a journal many times, but always escaped and abandoned after the first 2 writings. This time I will write as long as I am still on ‘travel the world’ mode, and I am! Even though the pandemic really forced me to travel less, I am still in my mind and actions this intrepid traveler that want to see every part of the world, discover the myriad of cultures, and record the sounds of so many places.

10 month! This has been 10 month Yesterday I am now in Malaysia!!! OMG never I would have predicted this. The maximum I had gave to me in one single country was 3 months, and move on to another place.But at the same time, I discover the perks to stay longer in one country. And I think Malaysia is the perfect place to stay longer. I feel so blessed I am here! Malaysia has a good weather year long, and so many facets to discover. Yes I stayed in the country, but inside this country I visited so many, I bought a motorbike and I am able to hope on track. Also this country is already a mixture of culture, I feel to be inside 3 country at the same time, and everything is really cheap or affordable. I can’t complain about where I am right now.

Yesterday I had my family in Canada on the phone, I realized how crazy the pandemic is there right now. No store, no shows, no restaurants for so long. They keep so many people on financial aid while they lost their job. Here is not the same, I don’t feel many lost jobs, they can’t afford to give financial support either, and the ‘real’ lock-down was only in Marc/April, thereafter everything reopened, I believe the economy here is going way better than some part of the world.

Today the Malaysian government will announce a new measure to stop the spread of the virus, it has become a lot higher these weeks. Now there are at least 2000 new cases per day, they need some actions, maybe they will do a new lockdown. I am not sure, we will see. I was hesitant to leave and go another state (one that has less cases) as they may lockdown only some places. Here in Subang Jaya, PJ, it’s the Selangor state and they have so many cases. I decided not to leave, because I am installed here in this apartment studio, and I have been here only for 2 weeks.
It’s not the best apartment but I have almost all the elements to be at my most productive. And I need to work, as I have many projects and tasks on my plate! They won’t go away unless I take care of them ALL! The first task I gave to myself is to install this long-term routine/habit! It is the base of everything and I can’t fuck it up. I was so unproductive the last few months, because I lost my appetite, the rage inside me that was making me so eager and productive. I understand I can’t rely on rage, or shear passion to make my life productive, I need mechanism, routine, habits, systems! This is what I do right now, and I am so happy. I already see the benefits it will give me, I will achieve SO MUCH MORE now. I was a fool to not do that before!

2 weeks! A thought about my stay. After 2 weeks at this same place (the courtyard studio apartment at 6th floor) I felt stuck, this is the time period I was able to discover much of the area around here! I felt somewhat similar in many places, but I am not sure 2 weeks is the standard, sometimes it is 3 weeks (20 days), or sometimes 3 days… aha (3 days is when I badly choose the place).But from now on it is my new beginning at this place, the best time to be productive, because I have all my landmark spotted, and almost everything is fixed, I know where to go and what to do, no more time to waste in spotting. I can however allow myself to be wandering at times if I want to. I am in great control of my life right now. And this is why I won’t leave even though they announce some lockdown. And also because I already paid for the airbnb until the 27 January and it is not refundable! I am not sure why it is not refundable at all, I need to check next time, because it can happen I change my plans, and I will much prefer to have kind of refund.

No I am not lucky! Yesterday on the phone my cousin was rehashing the fact that I am lucky, not to have child and be free. And how it is difficult to raise a kid during the pandemic. I understand it’s a difficult time but lucky to not have child? NO I choose to not have children, and I don’t want any children. It’s called choice, not luck! On this point, I need to express this fundamental truth that people does not seem to get! Having child is the number 1 factor we can control that have a very profound impact on our environment! Right now humanity is driven crazy and destroying almost everything in the environment. I f we want this to stop, we need to stop having children, this is very simple. But still humans act selfishly.

Well I think it’s a wrap up! Conclusion: I feel this new journal is an essential part of the way I need to live! I sure will write almost everyday, so I can keep track of all of this! I might take part of these writings and assemble them in something coherent to drive conclusion, for example the length of stay. It is also a way to remember my feelings at a particular time, I wish I had done that before. This one today is particularly long, but I can write shorter is ok, maybe better. One thing I can witness on the spot for sure: I AM VERY PROLIFIC in the morning like that! WRITING A LOT !!!!Wonderful! I like it! See you tomorrow!

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