Journal Entry: Day 195

Granada, Spain,

10 days in Granada have passed, and I already have hit a loss of enthusiasm. The city is fantastic and has so many great aspects, but somehow this place does not resonate with me. However, it is very interesting to experience and see the influence of African and Arabic culture. Everything is neat and clean in this city and it’s very charming to visit. I would highly recommend it to any tourist, but as a sound explorer, I don’t get the real authenticity beyond the thousands of constant tourists wandering at every corner. In parallel My Spanish classes have become boring and tiring, with all the irregular verbs and conjugation, I am not much passionate about that, but still want to learn. The previous week was more enjoyable as we were only 2 students, in contrast, this week we are 7 and it has become more impersonal and cold. On another note, this week the weather has become colder, and it clearly feels like autumn more than last week.
I still feel lucky and happy to be here, tomorrow I will explore a little more of the countryside, it might be very interesting.

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