Journal Entry: Day 196

Granada, Spain,
My Spanish classes have now ended. It was intense and all mostly just about the verbs tenses in the past. Since it is one of the most complicated things in the Spanish language, I am happy I did it with the help of other people. It turned out to be very useful. I still have a lot to learn in Spanish to be able to completely communicate fluently in this language. I will continue with individual lessons which I found probably more efficient. The school was good to learn about the culture and meet new people.

I finally did a recording trip in the wild side of this area, nearby the Sierra Nevada. I went on a great hike and was able to witness the sunset on the cliffs, it was mostly quiet all the way. The first half of my trip the river was omnipresent as I was walking along the stream, thus bringing me through marvelous small canyons. Overall this was not an extremely long trip since I had my class in the morning, but I really enjoyed being able to see and hear this side of the region.

Granada is a very nice city, however, Spanish culture is difficult to be compatible with my lifestyle routines. Here more, than many other places, people are doing fiestas over fiestas, and siestas after siestas. It feels to me an endless whirlwind that drags my energy down. Also living in the middle of a city is usually not something I praise, I chose this particular place because it was close to the school. And after 2 weeks of listening to Spanish all day long, it feels almost like being in a henhouse 24h/24h, in fact, people like to speak loud, this is especially true when they drink. And after a while, the Spanish language sounds very repetitive in its tone. In reality, the Spanish people are very friendly and generous, and at times a little too extroverted in my opinion.

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