Journal Entry: Day 194

Granada, Spain,

Yesterday I went visiting the most famous place in Granada, the Alhambra, a complex of palaces and gardens on the nearby hill, it was partly built during the time of the Mors, and you can clearly see the Arabic signature.
However it is a nice place to visit, I found like most famous places, overrated, hence overcrowded. I was not expecting to be able to record ambiences even though it would have been nice. But the only sound that stand out would have been the constant chatter and walking of the international crowd of tourists. I am still staying in Granada for one more week, I will keep focusing on some work to be done at the same time as having my intensive Spanish classes, but I will also find some more time to be able to explore the countryside. It is getting a little bit colder these latest days, one can feel the presence of the mountain nearby.

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