Journal Entry: Day 190

Alicante, Spain,

Here was another day in the city of Alicante. I met a friend we also were passing by Alicante. We did a guided tour of the city together. This is not something I do often as it is usually designed for tourists, but from time to time it is interesting to understand the history and culture of the place. I also worked from cafes here, and I have to say I found quite prime service and sparkling quiet places I am rarely able to find in other cities. For a +300.000 inhabitants city, it is very well deserved and has a great location and interesting geography. I went to visit the top-of-the-hill castle, Santa Barbera castle. From up there, the view is stunning, and the soundscape is very wide. A little visit of the historical central Mercado and I recorded some local ambience. Tomorrow I am leaving for Granada. Again I wish I could have stayed a little longer here, it feels like an area I could come back to one day.

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