Journal Entry: Day 191

Granada, Spain,

So I arrived in Granada; it was an easy drive from Alicante.
It is a very interesting place here, much more in fact than any other city I have seen in Spain. Firstly it has the mountain nearby (la Sierra Nevada) just a few minutes away, and the sea is only 1 hour away. Then it has a tremendous amount of historic buildings, streets, and neighborhoods, and the main famous building, the Alhambra. The culture is much more mixed and exotic than the Northern part of Spain; since it has Africa in proximity and the past rulers, the Moors. There are some traditions, food, shops that are very specific from here. Lastly, the city has lots of universities and students, which allow to bring it to life, and therefore there are many places to study and work from.
I also discovered authentic types of tea salons, called ‘Teteria’, there are many of these throughout the city, which served traditional Arabic tea and pastries. Flamenco is also part of the cultural melting pot.
I am now starting a 2-week intensive course in Spanish which I hope will allow me to improve my Spanish language skills. I am happy I chose this place. The whole city is very charming, with stones and pebble mosaics everywhere. I will plan my days like this: half of it for language learning, and the other half for work.

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