Journal Entry: Day 186

Benidorm, Spain,

I just arrived in this city, Benidorm, near the sea, south of Valencia.
First, it feels very very touristy here. But I still have to explore, see and hear by myself to put any judgment about this place.
During the last 2 days in Valencia, there was a special celebration: el nou d’Octubre: the day of the communidad de Valencia! There was a parade in the streets and fireworks, also some markets and concerts. It is in fact probably the most important day of the year for Valencia. So it was interesting to record some of the ambience of the city at this time. I felt lucky to be there. My verdict about Valencia is mixed. I liked the energy of the city, the weather, and the fact there are a lot of green spaces. I think I like better Valencia than Barcelona but I haven’t been long enough in either of these to know them that well. I am happy to be able to learn and practice more my Spanish skills.

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