Journal Entry: 187

Benidorm, Spain,

A first entire day in Benidorm. It is interesting to explore a typical Spanish coastal town, as it is my first time in this kind of place. At first, I found it submerged by tourists and did not like it at all. However, it is more nuanced than being a pure touristic overrun place. I have to admit that Yes there are tons of people-type I don’t like, lazy old careless grumpy Europeans, or noisy young looking to partying all day and night. There is also an infinite line of tasteless cafes, bars, and nightclubs all along the coastline. Beaches are covered by thousands of overweight half-naked retired people, all of which making it a little disgusting. Exploring a little more in-depth, the area has interesting hills making them great viewpoints and creating a picturesque look in the backdrop of the city skyline. The old streets of the old town are way more charming than the one along the coast, they have old narrow streets with a lot of local restaurants but also international cuisine. Going on the East-end of the city will give access to a Natural Park (el Parque de la Serra Gelada) that boasts beautiful cliffs above the sea sprinkled with some remnants of the historical pasts with some old stone towers. The city also has a local, original scene, with local people, school, and history; it is not just a purely touristic-made place. I believe that what attracts people here is more about the weather. It feels wonderfully perfect, not too hot or too cold, not too much dry or humid, and with a great sun. It is very enjoyable to take a stroll around the coast if you go further away from the tourist center.
Sound-wise there isn’t much interesting sound here, probably the sounds of tourist crowds ;-). The fauna and natural sounds are very sparse and easily disappear underneath the din of the noisy tourists.

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