Journal Entry: Day 185

Valencia, Spain,

I continued exploring this city. I have to say it is a lot touristic at times especially around the historical center, and I don’t really like this part. Otherwise, it is enjoyable, and the weather is just great. I tried to experience local food, and way of life. For example, it is the birthplace of Paella, and they have the original recipe (different herbs, with rabbit, and without seafood). This city is huge in my opinion and has a lot of museums, churches, and greenery spaces. The central market is a place to see, it is interesting with its original architecture. People here have a local language (Valencian) which is similar to Catalan. But most people speak the regular Spanish – Castilian. It is great to be able to refresh my memory about Spanish so I can prepare myself for the intensive course I will have in Grenada.

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