Journal Entry: Day 184

Valencia, Spain,

I am taking back the habit of writing in this journal every morning, which is great to do. Otherwise, I can miss someday like I did in the past; it actually should be something like day 230 I believe if I had followed every single day.
Yesterday I run more in the morning, the existence of the river park is in great support to do so. Then I passed by the ‘centro historico’, there are beautiful old buildings and impressive monuments in all the center. I had a great Japanese lunch, taking advantage of the ‘menu del dia’, a great value at the time of lunch. I then explored the area called Russafa, a more artsy district. Overall during the day, I had memories of Argentina (where I stayed for 3 months in 2019) popping up in my mind, as it all felt similar with the language and the architecture. I also finally was able to get my hair cut. I am glad to stay here a little. I believe the setting in which I am in would make it easier for me to be productive, at least for the 3 or 4 days I still have here.

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