Journal Entry: Day 183

Valencia, Spain,

Yesterday I explored around my place. I discovered this large park, el Jardin del Turio, which is said to be the largest urban park in Spain. It is in fact the old bed of the river that once run through the city, the river was diverted in the 50s, and it has been transformed into green space. It is impressive since the size of it is huge. All along the 10km long, car bridges connect each side of the banks. Down the river bed, no cars are allowed, only pedestrians, runners, and bicycles.
I went to work at cafes and coworking spaces. The one from Santander bank is interesting as it has this concept I like of cafe/coworking, where you don’t have to pay by the day or the hour, only drink consumption.
The courtyard in my place is very quiet and makes it interesting when birds sit nearby, also you can clearly hear the sounds of the nearby church bells.
The architecture in this city seems very interesting, and the energy of the people reminds me of Montreal. Again I am quite surprised by the amount of space that is given to the pedestrians, however, this is pretty standard in most European cities. Today I will explore more, and different places, some outside as the weather forecast looks quite good.

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