Journal Entry: Day 179

Teyran, France,

This is the last day of staying in the Montpellier area. Teyran is the village where my parents live and where I grew up. I am staying here tonight, then we will go to the Pyrenees region to my grandmother’s house, who passed away 10 years ago.
I took some time to record few sounds during my latest days in Montpellier. Ambiences of crowds, restaurants’ terraces,… these are easy to find and record in the center of Montpellier as the whole area is forbidden to the cars. I also recorded some of the tramway sounds, and I went at 4 am near the Lez river, where there were some owls making sounds, a very interesting ambience. I also met few old friends and looked at old photo albums at my parents’ place. All of which opened back a box of memories from my childhood; Many people, places, and experiences I had deeply buried somewhere in my mind and almost forgotten. I am happy I could remember all of these.

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