Journal Entry: Day 178

Montpellier, France,

It has been few days since I have not written my journal. I visited friends and family. I went restaurant with my parents. Another day I biked to a small village to see my friend Marie and her new garden. Then I went to see another friend performing a dance show inside the zoo, very interesting. It is unusual for a zoo to be free of charge and this is the case in Montpellier, also it is a more quiet area in the city, and it is possible to better hear birds, I took this opportunity to record some ambiences.
I also continued to plan my trips and started to find replacement clothes for my old items. I am looking at possible routes I can pursue in Africa. Many things happen; however, the general mood is clearly not focused on work productivity here. I wish to rent a car and visit more of my family especially my nieces I have not seen much.

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