Journal Entry: Day 180

Vernet-les-Bains, France,

We arrived, me and my parents to Vernet-Les-Bains, a small town in the mountain of the Pyrenees, not far from Spain. This is the town of my father’s family, where he grew up. There is still the house of my grandmother, who passed away 10 years ago. It is a very beautiful, pretty area, with a nice landscape, nature, and history. We stay here for the weekend, then I will head to Spain.
This day, we walked around town and went to the village market. We also visited the abbey of Saint-Martin-du-Canigou, a secluded kind-of-monastery nested in the mountain. It is a very picturesque place and the weather was very nice. The sound is very quiet up there.
I did treat the Cinela Leo for better waterproofing.
I am glad we could come here so I can rediscover the town where I spent much of my childhood time. We have one more day here.

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