Journal Entry: Day 177

Montpellier, France,

I had my Malay language class and Spanish class too. I have now a regular weekly habit to schedule my classes.
I am happy I can learn these languages, this will come in handy at the right time.
There aren’t now many days left for me in France.
I have to say this city is quite enjoyable with very nice weather and many eating options, cafes, and possible activities.
A lot of space is given to pedestrians and bikers, making it top-notch to be wandering around.
On the other hand, I found everything to be expensive, at least 2x up to 5x the price from other places I have been to.
The phone network is one of the worst, not working properly and very expensive.
Most of the interesting places are closed Sunday and Monday and sometimes even on Saturday and Tuesday.
On top of that everything closes very early: after 7:00 pm do not expect to find anything anywhere, it is either the time to sleep or the time to drink.
This makes my daily lifestyle routine quite difficult to plan.
However, at my place, it is difficult to sleep before midnight, as there are many noises coming from outside, usually loud bikes, trucks, or drunk people shouting. Even at 3 am in the middle of the week I can still be awakened by noises. It might be quieter if I had a different orientation of the window. The good thing is that I can record the lively soundscape from my apartment.
France has a lot of charms even though I can sense a lack of security at times. It seems people are proud here to show their nervousness and lost their temper in front of everyone, making it quite uncomfortable.
There are good and bad in all worlds. I am quite happy I am able to see family and friends, I don’t think I would come back here for long-term stay though, 1 month is a good duration.

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