Journal Entry: Day 164

Brașov, Romania,

These days I have been planning my exit from Brasov.
I finally got my 2nd vaccine dose and I already receive my EU vaccination certificate.
It looks like it’s alright for me to travel starting from September 2.

I also have been planning a new intensive Spanish language course which I will attend in Spain in October, and if all is going right, after France, I will be around Spain until the end of the year.

I am starting to worry about the expenses I could do while in France or Spain. Since I am not used anymore to Euro, and the value of the money is really high. It will go fast until I notice how much I could spend. I need to be careful about that. I am happy to leave this city, I feel this city is very good, relaxing, and would be a heaven for people who have kids, like to drink, and also like Nature. In my case, this is not a perfect fit but I enjoyed it anyway.

I still have 3 days here, I will concentrate mainly on work and prepare for September as many people go back to work at this time of the year!

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