Journal Entry: Day 163

Brașov, Romania,

Yesterday I got my recorder back from the drop location where I left it the day before. Everything was intact, recorder, microphones, cables, and power bank. It was still recording when I got it back, the power bank had still most of its power left. In fact, I could have left the setup for 4 or 5 days. Yet as they announced rain later in the day, I preferred to bring it back. I was curious to know what could have been recorded and to check if everything went well I did a first fast listening. All went well, I have one night of recording, however at first glance I did not hear anything very special, neither birds nor insects, it felt more silent and dead throughout the recording; only the noise of the wind in the leaves. Of course, I have to inspect and look at it more closely by analyzing the spectrum, maybe there are swift surprises.

Today I was more focused on work, I went back to the co-working space and I think this is the place where I am the most productive in this city.
I thus decided to go back there in the upcoming days. I am starting to think about selling the bicycle. I also finally visited the famous black church from inside however I was not impressed, there were few interesting artefacts though, mainly Ottoman carpets.

I have less than 1 week left in Brasov, hence I want to make the best out of this time and also prepare the next steps.

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