Journal Entry: Day 165

Brașov, Romania,

I am finally seeing the end of my stay in Brasov, with only 2 nights left.
I am thinking about my Spanish travel that will happen in October, I am looking at some itineraries and places I could stay for the long term.
There was big rain here these last days, and still, to come I think.
Tuesday I will go to Bucharest and will be able to explore this city for only 1 day.
This morning I went recording the bells of the Black Church. I had spotted last week the timing when they start to ring a set of 4 bells. I went at the time of the ringing in the upper park that overlooks the city in front of the Black Church.
I also recorded the old photo camera I have been carried around since Ipoh in Malaysia. I recorded some of its mechanisms, with precision and in silence.
I am soon packing my stuff for my journey to Bucharest and ultimately France.

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